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Watch this TED talk – 10 minutes to better understanding District’s new role

Take a moment to watch this interesting TED talk –  I’m an upstreamist by profession – a doctor of public health focused on community well-being – this video helps articulate the importance of our district board taking on more responsibility for understanding the “upstream” issues facing Alamedans.

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I’m Jim Meyers and I would like you to vote for me for City of Alameda Health Care District Board of Directors. 

I live with my family right here in Alameda.  My kids go to public schools here.   Our health providers are on this island.

I have spent a lifetime in healthcare leadership – both in hospitals and health systems – and in helping communities build resilient well-being.  I’d like to give back to my community through leadership on our important community health care district board.

Please take a moment to view my reasons for running for this office, my priorities and my experience. 

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